Autoloading NIFs on Nerves

Making load-time crashes easier to debug

Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) let you significantly speed up code or make system calls that would otherwise be unavailable. However, they come with a significant cost in that when they go wrong, they can take down the entire Erlang VM. This is particularly challenging when using NIFs with Nerves when crashes happen at boot time.

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Using NIFs With Nerves

While working on a Nerves project, you will likely do most hard work in the host environment. This means you get to develop features quickly, and when are ready, you simply deploy your known working firmware to your embedded devices. This however can lead to a situation where the code runs really well on your i7 powered beast computer, but when deployed on a less powerful Raspberry Pi 0, for example. Nothing will be broken, but things are just too slow. There are a number of solutions to this problem and in this post, I will walk you through a simplified real world example of one possible solution of using an Erlang NIF to speed up one particular functionality.

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